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Katharina Polivaeva


I am engaged in rehearsing and performing unknown classical or new music works that have their own sound language and leave room for interpretation.

In my programs for Solo Piano, I'm taking my time to put the pieces together, wich have the power to touch emotionally. Improvisations are a part of my performance that is becoming more and more important.

I am looking forward to receiving requests from composers and I am also interested in interdisciplinary projects.




Current program "Release of a bird"

In this program I combine my own improvisations with contemporary works from the 21st century. Among others works by Martin Torp, Rodion Tschedrin, Peteris Vasks as well as works by J. S. Bach and F. Liszt in free ad hoc arranged interpretation.








Piano cycle "Frescoes" by Martin Torp. 24 Piano pieces after Giotto`s Life-of-Christ-frescoes in Padua (duration ca. 65 Min.)



In Work:

Project "SYLVA" with artist Peter Hölscher

Installation for piano, video and skulpture.













Fotograf: Peter Hölscher


Please send requests from festivals and promoters to Katharina

Polivaeva and Peter Hölscher. Detailed project description is available.



Concert programm:

"Rules and Liberation"

compositions and improvisations for solo piano and solo guitar








The program covers a wide range of diverse sounds and styles. Works by contemporary German composers are performed on the piano, while the guitar is mostly used to play original compositions, with influences from Turkish and Indian classical music as well as German folk songs. The unifying element is the joy of improvising, which springs from a wide variety of sources.

Katharina Polivaeva - piano

Hub Hildenbrand - guitar





Previous cooperations

Katrin Bertram

Reissue, rehearsal and performance


Ewelina Nowicka

CD-recording of the composition "Conventus" for piano solo,

published by Kreuzberg Records.


Schiller's Heirs "Theatre Group Leipzig

Musical direction and performance (piano solo) in the piece "Kabale und Liebe".



Foto: Hub Hildenbrand