Contemporary I Classic I Chamber music


Katharina Polivaeva



Piano solo and sound sculpture

Sound collage impovised and played by Katharina Polivaeva. Excerpts of works from J.Bach, E. Nowicka and C.Debussy.


Piano Solo, Gedächtniskirche 12.10.2018

concert at the Passion Church 8. July 2018

Deux Mélodies hébraïques :1. Kaddisch. 2. L'énigme éternelle. Maurice Ravel

Festival WGT Musik Kammer (2017)

Martin Torp, Sonate for cello and piano (2000) 3. Movement

Bloch "From Jewish Life"

1. Prayer

2. Supplication

3. Jewish Song
















Alfred Schnittke Sonate Nr.1

1. Largo

2. Presto

3. Largo















Alfred. Schnittke, Sonate Nr.1

3. Movement, Largo